Image Credits

Minitokyo - a great source for anime scans.
Zerochan - artbooks, scans, wallpapers, etc
Hakanai-Paper - PNGs, Icons, and Icon Bases
Google Images - cause sometimes you just google
Vizune - renders and screenshots


Chibi Gfx - textures and more
Shizoo Design - textures and more
Justframeless - brushes and more
Mesmerized - brushes and more
Obsidian Dawn - brushes, patters, and more

Deviant Art Users

Spiritcoda - icon textures and more
Magdalena - brushes and more
Erenisblack - brushes and more
Crazykira - brushes and more
Thesmurfzbabe - brushes and more
TwilightVampress - brushes and more
Kamoondna - brushes, textures, and more*
Love-Memory - brushes and more
99mochingbirds - textures and resources
crazykira-resources - patterns and more
Ransie3 - patterns and more
Feelthecolours - textures and more
Sanami276 - textures and more
Obscene-bunny - textures and more
Mellowmint - textures and more
Elizacunningham - icon textures and more
Love-memory brushes, textures, and more
Theedgeofdemi - icon textures and more
77words - icon textures, patterns, and more
Dejelli - icon textures and more
Picanta - icon textures and more
Yunyunsarang - icon textures and more
Evey-V - icon textures and more
Brittany-xss - icon textures and more
Sarytah - icon textures and more
Thelostresources - icon textures and more


Codrops - tutorials and coding resources
W3 Schools - learn html, css, bootstrap, javascript, and more


Hakanaii - beautiful designs and graphics by lucien
Sugar Graphics - beautiful templates and graphics and inspiring
Skylude - the fanlistings inspiration
Vizune - because she's sasha and her site is gorgeous lol


New-Place - icon sort
Code Sort - an easy way to sort fanlisting codes
Wordpress - a blog management cms
Gentle Source - source for php scripts Enthusiast - fanlisting management script (I just updated it)

Strikethrough - Closed
*personal favorite

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